130 Montgomery Street
Albany OR, 97321

About TAT

Calvin L. Tigner, Founder

In 1985, the first week the Oregon Lottery was in business, Cal Tigner
stopped at a convenience store for a soda. While the cash register
drawer was open, he noticed lottery tickets inside and purchased two.
As the clerk handed them to him, he realized, “If I hadn’t seen them, I
wouldn’t have bought them.” That evening, using cardboard, he made
his first lottery ticket dispensing prototype. The next evening he made
his first plastic dispenser. All these years later, TAKE-A-TICKET, INC.,
the first lottery ticket dispenser company, continues to produce quality
dispensers to each lottery’s specifications.

Established in 1985, Take-A-Ticket is the
original inventor of Instant Ticket Dispensers.
We provide a wide variety of ticket dispensers
and merchandising displays for more than 25
US lotteries. Because no two lotteries are alike,
Take-A-Ticket provides custom fabrication and
design services to meet each lottery’s specific
needs. We employ 27 full-time employees in
our 45,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility
located in Albany, Oregon.