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On-Counter Rotating Ticket Display Optional Remote

Eye-catching display at the point-of-purchase for retailers with
limited counter space. Tickets dispense from a remote location.
Also ideal for retailers with multiple selling points!

These innovative rotating units allow you to display scratch tickets using very little counter space. Ideal for bars,taverns and bowling alleys.

Can be produced in 8,12,16,20 and 24 games

Coordinates with a remote base. These easy to use ‘menu’ boards allow you to display tickets where they can be easily seen by your customers, while securing the ticket packs behind the counter. These units come in a variety of sizes ranging from 12 to 32 games.

On-Counter Ticket Displays
• Display units available from 8
to 48 games
• Spinning on-counter units
display a large number of
games with a very small
• Multiple display units can
be used by retailers with
multiple checkstands
• A variety of on-counter ticket
display options available
provides flexibility to meet
your retailer’s specific needs

Remote Bases

• Separate under-counter or
on-counter remote bases
from 8 to 48 game, available
in varying heights to securely
dispense tickets
• Optional locking covers
available for added security

A remote base is an ideal ticket storage solution. It allows to you display your tickets using a variety of display units; while keeping the ticket inventory secured behind your sales counter. It also allows you to keep better inventory counts.

Available in a variety of configurations from 8 to 48 games.
All drawers feature locks

For use with: HTD, RD, Ceiling/Wall and Drive Thru Displays

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