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Outdoor Menu Boards

Customizable, weather resistant outdoor displays. Great for
retailer locations with drive-up windows or exterior displays.

• Weather resistant
• Units available from 8 to 25
• Removable clear shell makes it
easy to replace sample tickets
and game inserts
• Commonly used in conjunction
with remote base dispensers.
• One piece unit makes
installation easy
• Adjustable angle

The exterior menu board is for use at any retailer having drive-up customers. The board with the display games and lottery advertising locks into the weather resistant cover and base. The base angles to allow better viewing by the customer. The menu board can be removed and stored inside when the business is closed. A remote base can be utilized inside the business to keep live tickets packs

This unit can be configured to any game configuration.

For more details about sizes, customizing, our full product line, or to place an order call 800.253.4295 or fill out the following form and a Take-A-Ticket representative will be in touch shortly to assist you.

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